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Step 1 Fill Out The Seller’s Questionnaire

Seller's Questionnaire

We need your preferred contact information and essential machine information to get started. Ready to go? Complete the Seller’s Questionnaire Now »


Step 2 Create a Complete Listing

Serious buyers want to know precisely what they are buying so we highly suggest images of the nozzle tests. See diagram below or visit our Listings for examples of what listings look like.

Submit these files to this email address when you are ready: image@spbrokerage.com

This is an example of a complete listing




Equipment Images

Buyers want to see the actual machines that they are interested in purchasing. We recommend these shots:

  • Front angled image
  • Front straight-on image
  • Rear straight-on image
  • Close-ups of heads
  • Ink reservoirs
  • Power winder, RIP CPU, extra heaters, etc.

All submitted images should not exceed two megabytes each. Clarity, and proper exposure is more important than resolution. A well-exposed, and sharp (properly focused) one megabyte image is sufficient.

Machine Image Example


Nozzle Tests

Nozzle Images are requested right away because they convey useful information about the nozzles, and head transport mechanism. Head replacement in a used machine is the greatest single cost, and consequently, the greatest concern for any Buyer.

Please take detailed images of all standard nozzle tests. They indicate “real world” printing capability, especially to a Buyer who is evaluating a machine for a particular purpose.

A 1000 dpi x 1000 dpi image is sufficient. If image size exceeds 10MB, please use our FTP. Clarity, and good lighting is very important.

Nozzle Tests


Operational Video

Including operational video with your listing tells the prospective Buyer many things about your machine. This is particularly true when they are evaluating its suitability for a particular purpose.

The easiest way to submit video is to use a cell phone or digital camera to take a short clip of the machine in operation, and just email us the file.

For the more technically inclined:

  • The video clips do not need to be longer than 15 seconds — If resultant file is larger than 10MB, please send us an email and weʼll send you our FTP address
  • Please try to limit file size to 6 mb or less, and just send us the raw video
  • If you are editing the video, please save to the Quicktime format. For more about Quicktime, please click here.




Service History

Written service histories are often requested by our Buyers. If you cannot produce actual service tickets, a short note can be very helpful.

Service History


Spare Parts Inventory

A simple catalog of the available spare parts is very useful in communicating what a potential buyer is actually purchasing. Click Here for an Example (PDF) »


Loading Assistance

Buyers are always concerned about how the machine will find its way from the Seller’s facility to their own. After a successful Operational Inspection, SP Brokerage will provide a courtesy shipping quotation that details rigging, skidding, crating & barrier bagging (if international), transportation, and destination rigging.

Most Sellers will de-install the machine according to manufacturer guidelines, and many will assist with moving the machine to a skid, and/or loading the machine on the truck.

You may wish to state what services you are willing to provide. These could include:

  • De-install machine (drain, flush, secure, minor disassembly)
  • Shrink wrap machine
  • Disconnect from compressed air, and power sources
  • Build a skid, and place machine on skid
  • Move machine with your personnel and forklift

Original Invoice

An original invoice provides a wealth of information such as installed options, and an accurate description of the machine. We will white-out the company information.

Invoice Example

Click Here for an Example (PDF) »


Onsite Training

Most Buyers welcome a day (or two) of training on their new machine. In an effort to compete with the often comprehensive experience of buying a new machine, you may wish to offer to train the Buyer’s personnel at your facility prior to de-installation.
Typically, the most important topics covered are:

  • Media handling
  • RIP use
  • Routine maintenence
  • Head cleaning
  • If you are willing to bundle some training with the purchase of your machine, please let us know